ARDO Calypso Breast Pumps
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ARDO Double Plus $295  $265
ARDO Calypso-To-Go $395$355.00
Take the risk out of Breast Pumping. The Calypso Range from ARDO is the highest rated pump on the market. Why?
The only Brand endorsed by the Aust Breastfeeding Assoc.
  • Longest warranty on the market. 2 years or 400 Hours (whichever is longest) 
  •  Cheap replacement parts means cheap to maintain
  • Quietest Pump on the market
  •  Hospital Grade, closed System
  •  Swiss made Quality
  •  More Shield options included
  •  ABA Approved
  •  According to the ABA's own testing results:
  •  -100% of women consider the pump either good or excellent
  •  -100% of women found the pump easy to use
  •  -89% of women strongly agreed they would recommend this    pump
  •  -97% of midwives recommend the Calypso Double Plus
So many Happy Customers!

"Life and Time Saver"

Such a great pump. It has been a time saver, especially while trying to build a good supply to keep a hungry baby satisfied his two week growth spurt. It;s quiet and painless and very user friendly. Would recommend!!

- Chantel C

"This is an amazing product."

This is an amazing product. I am able to express my milk almost daily around 100-150ml in one session. It is so easy to use and to clean. Recommended by my LC and I am going to recommend to my friends.
- Genevieve T

"Very quiet! Great suction and settings"

This pump is very, very quiet! That part was great. I found that it suctioned to me better than the Medela pump I have had previously. It has multiple settings, which is great. I liked the little bottle holder that it came with it.
- Martha H

"Best pump available after trying them all"

Calypso helps me yield the most milk, compared to my other pumps. My nipples are not sore after pumping with Ardo calypso. So glad I made this purchase!!
- Jess W
Need more Information? See our Independent Review HERE
Still Not Convinced? More than 30 Maternity Hospitals have started using ARDO in the last 2 years!

  •  RNSH Private
  •  Westmead
  •  Children's Hospital Westmead
  •  Monash Hospital
  •  The Women's Hospital
  •  La Trobe Hospital
  •  Sutherland Hospital
  •  Blacktown Hospital
  •  GCU Hospital
Your Baby and Your Breasts NEED the BEST Quality Device
  • Benefits: Hospital Grade, ABA Approved, Closed System, Longest Warranty, Cheapest Parts
  • Support: Only Nursing Angel Offers "Warranty PLUS" the most efficient warranty support.
  • Proof: All the independent customer reviews cannot be wrong. Highest customer rating in the market
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